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The Strategies

Translating the Framework Into Strategic Direction

In February 2009, four working groups began the development of the Framework Strategies and Action Plans:
The Framework Strategies describe why the strategies are needed; the labour market outlook; challenges and opportunities; and strategic goals and objectives. The action plans, on the other hand, describe specific actions to support the implementation of the goals and objectives of the strategies and how they will be implemented, monitored and evaluated.

The working groups welcomed new stakeholder members throughout the development of the strategies and action plans, wherever gaps in representation, knowledge and expertise were identified. Each working group was chaired by a representative of the Yukon government, with the exception of the Labour Market Information Strategy Working Group, which was co-chaired by the Yukon government and Service Canada.

The working groups’ collective mandate was to ensure coordination of the development of the Strategies in accordance with the direction set by the Labour Market Framework. This involved providing coordinated advice and input into the development of the strategy in regard to scope, content, timing and processes for development and consultation; ensuring coordination as required with the Yukon government and other stakeholder programs and policies related to the strategies and; providing coordinated advice and input to the development of monitoring and evaluation systems for the implementation of the Strategies.

The consensus-based approach ensured that working group members contributed to and saw their contributions reflected in the development of the strategies. In addition to regular meetings, a password-protected website was set up for the Framework Strategies where minutes, documents and discussion papers could be viewed, ensuring all working group members had access to the same information. Because the process was interest-based, each working group member contributed to the drafting of at least one strategy based on the interests they represented. With this approach, stakeholders took ownership of each strategy and were highly motivated to reach agreement (and compromise) on actions that resolved (and advanced) issues.

The Commitment to the Strategic Direction

In order to complete the process of finalizing and committing to the recommendations contained within each Framework Strategy, working group members signed an Accord. Each Accord indicates working group member support for the goals and objectives of respective Framework Strategies.

Implementing the LMF Strategies

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