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Comprehensive Skills and Trades Training (CSTT)

Why Training Is Important

Skills enhancement plays an important role in improving productivity of the labour force, maintaining the competitive nature of Yukon’s economy in the face of globalization and ensuring that new technologies and advancements are efficiently adopted. To meet the productivity challenges of the future, many people will need to improve their knowledge and skills.

A skilled workforce is needed to maintain labour productivity. For individual workers, skills upgrading may help with self-confidence, may increase productivity and may lead to a higher-paying position or a new occupation. Skills and trades training are also important for groups under-represented in the workforce, such as aboriginal people, youth, older workers, people with disabilities and women in trades. One way to address inequities is to provide these groups with the training opportunities and the tools needed to successfully integrate into the labour market.

Goals and Objectives of the Comprehensive Skills and Trades Training Strategy

  1. Ensure training opportunities are available for all Yukon people to adapt effectively and efficiently to changing skills, knowledge, and abilities.

    • Develop an integrated results-based training system.
    • Improve essential skills and trades training programs.
    • Improve both the provision and delivery methods of training programs in the communities.
    • Support employers and self-employed individuals to access training programs.
    • Foster employer investment in workplace learning.
  1. Facilitate and improve learning and employment transitions.

    • Increase awareness of post-secondary education options and student financial assistance.
    • Build awareness of employment and training opportunities.
    • Improve and promote access to trades training for high-school students.
    • Use integrated teaching approaches that meet diverse cultural and learning needs.
    • Establish an effective funding model that ensures continuity of funding programs.

Strategy, Action Plan and Summary


Action Plan


Monitoring and Evaluating Progress

The Comprehensive Skills and Trades Training Stakeholder Committee will play a key role in monitoring and evaluating the progress of the CSTTS and Action Plan. This group of stakeholders will review and analyze current initiatives, ensure that the goals and objectives are met through the implementation of the action plan, and make changes to the action plan, as needed, based on the needs of the labour market.

Implementing the LMF Strategies

To know more about the Implementation Process, please go to:
If your organization is interested to be involved in the Comprehensive Skills and Trades Training Stakeholder Committee, please contact the Labour Market Framework Coordinator by phone at 867-667-5131 or toll free 1-800-661-0408 ext 5131) or by email at [email protected]