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Why Immigration?

There is a good reason why Canada welcomes more net immigrants per capita than any other country in the world: immigration is critical to the health of the Canadian economy. It is forecast that Canada’s dependency on immigration will not diminish any time in the near future and that there will be increased economic pressures to recruit and retain immigrants. Citizenship and Immigration Canada forecasts that “Immigrants are expected to account for all net labour force growth by 2011, and for all net population growth by 2031”. 1 This means that if the Canadian economy is to continue to grow and diversify, and that if Canada is going to continue to prosper, then immigration must play a central role in supporting our economic development.

If immigration fails to meet employers’ needs to fill a variety of skilled and semi-skilled jobs, there will be serious implications for the Canadian economy, both in the short and the long term. A consistently insufficient supply of labour translates into increased pressure to raise wages and prices which can create economic instability. Also, without the labour force to staff business, government and non-profit offices, critical programs, services and goods will not meet consumer demand.

1. Denton, Feaver, and Spencer, Applied Research Branch, Human Resources Development Canada, Immigration, Labour Force and the Age Structure of the Population, 1999.

Goal and Objectives of the Immigration Strategy

Support a responsive and sustainable approach to Yukon immigration

  • Be responsive to industry and business labour force needs through the improvement and monitoring of the Yukon Nominee Program.
  • Assist more immigrants to engage in Yukon’s labour market opportunities by providing better information and services.
  • Ensure the provision of settlement services is inclusive for all newcomers, including temporary foreign workers and Yukon Nominee Program participants.
  • Provide immigrants with the resources and training they need to seek further education to work in their chosen field or to access better employment opportunities.
  • Support immigrant communities within Yukon by helping them increase their capacity, their profile and the services they offer their membership.
  • Increase immigrant retention rates by promoting the benefits of immigration and celebrating multiculturalism.

Strategy, Action Plan and Summary


Action Plan



Monitoring and Evaluating Progress

The Immigration Stakeholder Committee will play a key role in monitoring and evaluating the progress of the Immigration Strategy and Action Plan. This group of stakeholders will review and analyze current initiatives, ensure that the goals and objectives are met through the implementation of the action plan, and make changesto the action plan, as needed, based on the needs of the labour market.

Implementing the LMF Strategies

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If your organization is interested to be involved in the Immigration Stakeholder Committee, please contact the Labour Market Framework Coordinator by phone at 867-667-5131 or toll free 1-800-661-0408 ext 5131) or by email at [email protected]