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The Implementation

Evaluating of the Strategies and Monitoring of the Action Plans

The Framework Strategies represent a map for labour market development in Yukon for the next 10 years in the areas of training and skills development, immigration, national and international recruitment, employee retention and information on the labour market. Working together, these strategic documents will guide the direction of labour market development.

The Framework Strategy Action Plans will guide the implementation of each Framework Strategy. These implementation-focused documents will be revisited as often as needed to address changing labour market needs in Yukon.

The mandate of the four working groups who developed the Framework Strategies and Action Plans has ended. Four new committees are being created to support the implementation of the Framework Strategies and Action Plans. Supported by Yukon government staff, these new committees will monitor the activities and evaluate the implementation of the Framework during implementation. The diagram below represents the implementation process.

Stakeholder Committees will monitor and evaluate the implementation and recommend adjustments to the Action Plans as per diagram.
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If your organization is interested to be involved in one of the Stakeholder Committees, please contact the Labour Market Framework Coordinator by phone at 867-667-5131 or toll free 1-800-661-0408 (ext 5131) or by email at [email protected]